Hall of Fame and Kudos

Hall of Fame

  • October 2018 -- State winning and record setting relay teams from 1984, 2004, 2011 and 2013 were inducted this October. 

1984 -  4 x 400 relay team: Tom Bean, Ryan Church, Marc Deluca* and BJ Dawson (*not pictured). This team still holds the school record of 3:17:97 and the KingCo record.

2004 - 4 x 100 relay team:  Joe Mendoza, Jordan Boase*, Russ Wacker and Terry Johnson (*not pictured).  This team set a school record with 42.24 time.

2011 - 4 x 100 relay team:  Luke Proulx, Will McIntyre, Nick Anthony and Dylan Langston.  This team broke the 2004 record with a time of 42.18.

2013 - 4 x 100 relay team:  Danny Wilson*, Will McIntyre, Ryan Croson, and Matt Moran (*not pictured). This team broke and still holds the school record 41.94 time.

  •  October 2017 -- Brandon and Justin Davidson are inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame.  Both were 1st place State wrestlers during their Bothell careers.  Justin, BHS graduate 2004,  and Brandon, BHS graduate 2013.

  • Brandon and Justin Davidson Hall of Fame inductees Oct 2017

    2016 -  BHS inducted our 2011 State Championship Baseball team into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

    The team had a season record of 23 - 4 and were Kingco Crown Division champions, Kingo League champions as well as 4A State Champions.

     2016 Hall of Fame Baseball Team


Congratulation Anthony Schulz, swim coach, who was named Coach of the Year by the KingCo association.  We're proud of you!


KIRO had a feature including interview with Coach Bainter.  If you missed it, here is the text


FB Coach Tom Bainter named co KingCo Coach of the year!

Salima Mayanja As a first year diver it’s very hard to make it to State. Salima not only made it but placed 10th in the finals.
Congratulations to Salima Mayanja for representing Bothell Cougs at State swim and dive championships.

Yonni Mills was named KingCo AD of the year!

  • Cross country runners head to state November 3 in Pasco.
     Amrit Banga, Kerstin Ly, Monserrat Lopez and Liza Yusem.  Good luck!



    First Team All KingCo:     Amrit Banga, Kerstin Ly and Monserrat Lopez

     Honorable Mention:    Liza Yusem  


    KingCo Offensive Co-MVP:   Estera Levinte

     Second Team: Kaitlin Bean

     Honorable Mention:   Rachel Madison, Ariana Wilson, Haley Zirker, Hannah Cecil


    Offensive MVP: Christian Galvan

    BOYS TENNIS: Awarded Sportmanship


    Second Team:  Tia Potts

     Honorable Mention:   Faith Brooks and Lizzy Shrum