If your student athlete suffers an injury at home or while participating in an outside sport/activity, it is critically important that the athletic department is made aware of that injury and any followup medical intervention/treatment.  

Please, if you take your athlete to be seen by a medical professional, print the red ticket form or pick up from BHS (main office, N Murray) the "red ticket" form.  There is a form for injuries and a different one for head trauma/concussions.  Medical personnel need to complete their portion of the document; then you or your athlete need to return it to BHS.  

Your athlete MUST be seen and cleared, following the physician release, by our athletic trainer, Dan Newell, before he/she will be clear to participate in ANY BHS sport.

If you have questions, contact D Newell - 425-408-7180, Y Mills 425-408-7015 or N Murray 425-408-7004.