If your student athlete suffers an injury at home or while participating in an outside sport/activity, it is critically important that the athletic department is made aware of that injury and any followup medical intervention/treatment.  

Please, if you take your athlete to be seen by a medical professional, print the red ticket form or pick up from BHS (main office, Christy Tran) the "red ticket" form.  There is a form for injuries and a different one for head trauma/concussions.  Medical personnel need to complete their portion of the document; then you or your athlete need to return it to BHS.  

Your athlete MUST be seen and cleared, following the physician release, by our athletic trainer, Dan Newell, before he/she will be clear to participate in ANY BHS sport.

If you have questions, contact D Newell - 425-408-7180, R Klee 425-408-7015 or C Tran 425-408-7004.

Optional Student Health Insurance 

As a service, the district provides information on an optional student accident/health insurance plan.  Although not the only provider of this coverage type, Meyers-Stevens & Toohey has been recommended by our Washington Schools Risk Management Pool.  This coverage plan is made available by many school districts across the state.  

If you have questions regarding the available plans, please call Myers-Stevens & Toohey at (800) 827-4695 or visit their website at