"SEASONS" HAVE CHANGED DUE TO COVID.  PLEASE DISREGARD 'SEASON' SPECIFICATIONS.  The sports will be played (tentatively) but refer to HOME PAGE for date ranges of each sport!  

Dec 28 – February 28th (season 2)
March 1 – May 2  (season 3)
April 26 – June 27th  (season 4)

These dates are very different and will affect many sports.  For example, there will be two holidays that the teams will need to practice through; Mid-winter break February 15-19 for season 2 and Spring break April 12-16 for season 3.  Season 4 will go until June 27 which will be a challenge around graduation activities.

Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Go to Kingco for current schedules.  This is particularily important for last minute changes which may have been made!