Congratulations Quentin O’Connor!   

So excited to announce that Quentin has signed with Yakima Valley College to play baseball after graduation. 

According to Coach Schaefer, Quentin may love baseball more than any player we've ever had at Bothell!  He has been a three year Bothell varsity player and is looking forward to his final year pitching this spring.  Yakima is a great fit for Quentin as it is, according to him, “a very competitive school and a fun environment.  They want to win games and I believe they can get me to the next level.”    

Good luck Quentin – both here and in your future.  We will we watching! 

Important Dates



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       Bothell Baseball Mission Statement
MISSION:  Create high character men
                  Supplement the education at Bothell by providing a positive, challenging and life enhancing experience for each participant.  

VISION:    Compete to win the Kingco  Championship

G-row:       All participants experience personal   advancement
                  Healthier and wiser
                  Freer and more autonomous
                  Better able to handle challenging circumstances
                  More likely to create excellence in their personal endeavors
                  Inclined to give back

P-erform:   Players are held to standards of excellence beyond previous expectations.
A-ssociate: Collaboration, teamwork, community and lasting relationships are facilitated

C-ommit     To Team Excellence
(Above all else and regardless what obstacles they encounter)
O-wn       Their Attitude, Effort, and Experience
U-nderstand What’s True and Real - No Excuses
G-ive        Unprecedented Effort and Service for Teammates
A-ttack      On Every Pitch
(One by one - in each practice and every game)
R-espond  To Adversity, Mistakes, and Uncontrollable Events
(E + R = O, Setback – Comeback, Create Positive Outcomes)
S-trive     To Win Every Moment
(Be present, execute fundamentals, and perform at highest level)