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Cross Country

Important Dates


Practices will all be done in an hour with the exception of varsity boys and girls on Monday.

Monday - Bothell HS @ 3:30 pm
Tuesday - Bothell HS @ 3:30 pm
Wednesday - Meet @ St Edwards 4pm
Thursday - Bothell HS @ 3:30 pm
Friday - Bothell HS @ 2:45 pm
Saturday - 


Bothell Cross Country 


Be ON TIME to all practices, team meetings and meets.

Please schedule vacations, personal and other appointments for times outside of cross country

You MUST contact coach via email at least one hour BEFORE practice if you’re going to be absent or late.

An unexcused absent means you miss the next competition.  After two unexcused absences you will have a meeting with the coaches.  Three unexcused absences can result in dismissal from the team.

Acceptable excuses are illness, injury, family emergencies or religious reasons.

The coaches will decide what determines any other excused absence.

You must wear warm ups, running apparel and proper shoes to practice.  Warm ups include running pants or tights and jacket or hoody.

You will be coached to the level your coach deems necessary.  This may mean that some kids train at a higher frequency, volume and/or intensity than others.

Attendance at fundraisers are mandatory. 


You will show respect for your coaches, teammates, competitors, officials and volunteers.

You will represent Bothell in a respectful and classy manner.

You will NEVER challenge an official.  Notify your event coach of the situation so they can handle it.

You will thank meet officials and volunteers for their service.

You will congratulate your competitors after your event.

You will participate in ALL team activities and fundraising.

You will have FUN!  If you are not enjoying your season please let your coaches know so we can come up with a solution J


You will stay until the end of the meet unless coach releases you.  If you have to leave early have your parents must email before the meet.

In order to leave the meet with your parents you must let coach know. 

At an away meet, when we take a bus, you must give coach a note to leave with your parents.

You must be in your school issued uniform to compete in the meet.

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