Important Dates


This is the first time Bothell Golf has qualified for State as a team

PARENTS AND GOLFERS:  Note from the coaches

Welcome to BHS Boys Golf! 
Mr. Felton and I are excited to 
get back out on the course and 
work with you all for a proper 
season of warmer weather, firmer 
fairways, improved skills, and 
fun competition. 

First things first: 
*please go to Final forms and make
sure you have everything completed
before our first practice  
Monday (8/21)
*on Monday, be at Redmond Ridge 
before 4:30 and be ready to go
*make sure you have proper 
clothing for the golf course; i.e.
no jeans, sweats, or joggers
*please wear chinos or khakis 
and a shirt with a collar
*golf shoes are preferred 
(nonmetal spikes), but otherwise 
snug sneakers will do
*bring your own set of clubs, or 
let us know if you need some--
we can find something
*you may want a hat and water 
*it is also a good idea to throw 
a granola bar or something in 
your bag