Important Dates

Updated information sent out by coaches in final forms

PARENTS AND GOLFERS:  Note from the coaches

Welcome to BHS Boys Golf! 
Mr. Felton and I are excited to 
get back out on the course and 
work with you all for a proper 
season of warmer weather, firmer 
fairways, improved skills, and 
fun competition. 

First things first: 
*please go to Final forms and make
sure you have everything completed
before our first practice next 
Monday (8/22)
*on Monday, be at Redmond Ridge 
before 4:00 and be ready to go
*make sure you have proper 
clothing for the golf course; i.e.
no jeans, sweats, or joggers
*please wear chinos or khakis 
and a shirt with a collar
*golf shoes are preferred 
(nonmetal spikes), but otherwise 
snug sneakers will do
*bring your own set of clubs, or 
let us know if you need some--
we can find something
*you may want a hat and water 
*it is also a good idea to throw 
a granola bar or something in 
your bag

We will go over all of this again 
later, but in general:
*practices will be Mon-Thu from 
4:00 - 6:00
*match day competitors will be 
determined weekly,as will practice
or other options for those not 
*because Redmond Ridge is a busy 
public course, we will have to 
determine in consultation with 
the pro on a week-by-week basis if
we can practice on Friday 
afternoons--odds are slim this 
time of year
*while you should of course be at
every practice, PLEASE do not miss
Wednesday (8/24), as Mr. Felton 
and I have arranged a two-hour 
lesson with Tom Sovay--the head 
of instruction at Redmond Ridge--
where he will work on your 
all-important putting and 
chipping skills.

Thanks again for turning out for 
golf this year, and we look 
forward to meeting you all on 
Monday the 23rd. See you at 
Redmond Ridge!