Important Dates

Practice starts February 26th 

Practice days and times:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4:00pm-6:00pm
Wednesday 3:00pm-5:00pm
Friday No Practice

Home Course – The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge
11825 Trilogy Parkway NE,
Redmond, WA 98053


Important information regarding the season: 

Home Course – The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge
11825 Trilogy Parkway NE,
Redmond, WA 98053

 We have worked hard to cultivate a positive relationship with this public course. A few rules that must be adhered to:
1. Dress code – collared shirt, shorts ok, soft spikes, no denim. Look professional!

2. Perfect golf etiquette is expected at ALL times – watch your language, play ready golf, fix your divot and ball mark plus one other. Be calm, quiet, and control your emotions at all times. Etiquette violations could result in immediate removal from the team.

3. You may carry your bag or bring your own push/pull cart.

4. You are responsible for all equipment including balls, tees, pencil, etc.

5. You may show up to the course as early as you would like to practice. You may putt/chip to get warm. The driving range is open to all BHS golfers unless otherwise notified by Coach Tuggle or Redmond Ridge Employees.

One of the greatest things about golf is the longstanding tradition of integrity, respect and sportsmanship exemplified by golfers. As a member of the golf team and a representative of Bothell High School and the Bothell community, it is expected that our players will conduct themselves with the utmost integrity and class at all times.

Proper Golf Attire
It is important that you wear appropriate golf clothing to ALL practices and matches. This means golf slacks (no jeans) or golf shorts or skirts and a collared golf shirt/sweater/rain cover (no tee shirts) depending on the weather. Keep in mind that we will be playing at a number of country clubs. Not only will we have to adhere to the KingCo dress code, but to the specific club code as well. This also applies to parents and spectators. If a match is held at a country club, the typical dress requirement includes no denim and a collared shirt (this applies for both men and women).

Preparation for the Golf Season
Our team’s competitive success this year will depend largely on the work our players have been putting in, and the effort each of you makes to continue to get better. The key to success in golf is confidence in your abilities, and the key to confidence is practice and a positive mindset.
Players should practice all facets of their game, but spend the majority of practice time working on pitching, chipping and putting. Great players are great from 120 yards in!

BHS Team Expectations
Golf is a game of etiquette, integrity, and respect. The following team expectations reflects those values.

1. We abide by all BHS and NSD eligibility rules and personal conduct expectations

2. We follow the USGA rules and KingCo 4A rules modifications

3. Team rules - respect yourself, teammates, opponents, and the course

4. Attend all practices and matches unless communicated to Coach Baillargeon beforehand*

5. Read all emails from the coaching staff

6. Be on time to all practices and matches**

*Because the season is so short and matches so frequent, attendance at all practices and matches is mandatory. Please contact me if you have any questions.

**If you are going to be more than fifteen minutes late to a practice or match, please call or text one of the captains and they will let me know. Attendance is taken at the start of every practice.

Lettering Policy*
1. If you record a varsity score at least once this season, you will be considered for a varsity letter.

2. If you display a positive attitude, attend all practices and matches, and work hard each and every day, you will be considered for a varsity letter.

*Coach’s discretion can/will be used to award a varsity letter.


Joe Baillargeon


Dear Golfers and Parents,

Welcome to the Bothell High School Girls Golf Season! Please read this letter carefully so we have a smooth start to the season.  We will work toward making ourselves at least bogey golfers by the end of the season.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email