Important Dates

Practice Starts February 27th, stay tuned for times

Important Information for the upcoming season
High School Players (9-12)

Bothell High School offers lacrosse as a ASB/club sport. Although it is played on campus and supported by the school, the program is run by the Bothell Lacrosse Club. In order to be eligble to play, you must perform 2 separate registrations: Bothell Lacrosse Club AND Final Forms. Registering through the Club allows you to be registered in the league and verify eligibiliy along with paying dues. Registering with Final Forms ensures your compliance with school rules and regulations, confirms your eligibility through your current physical on file and creates a profile for our Athletic Trainer to have in case of injury. 

To register with Bothell Lacrosse Club & pay, click here.

To register in Final Forms (cannot play w/o this and a current physical on file), click here.


In addition to the above, all high school players need to have a Bothell Blue helmet.

The follow situations require a new helmet order:

1) If you are a current player and your helmet is 3 years old or older*

2) If you are a new player to the team who needs a Bothell Blue helmet**

*Older helmets can be recertified on a yearly basis and we will offer to facilitate this process as a team toward the beginning of season. 

**New helmets can be ordered anytime, but delivery will depend on availability of product and production of custom team colors. We tend to do a bulk order around the holidays and then about a month before the season begins

Please feel free to reach out to Coach Cartwright if you have any questions.

Lacrosse 2020

Video montage of our JV lacrosse team, made by John Roper 

Faceoff/Middie Kaden Allen broke the Bothell High School Lacrosse record for ground balls in the regular season.  He earned a total of 119 ground balls in league games and picked up 173 ground balls total for the season.  The previous record was held by Paul Hanrahan, who is the current BHS JV Lacrosse Coach.  After every goal and at the beginning of each quarter two players faceoff in the middle of the field, the player that gains possession of the ball earns a ground ball for his team.  Kaden takes the majority of the faceoffs for the varsity team.

First page of the PDF file: KadenAllenBHSgroundballrecord2