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This Saturday, the combined rowing team will be rowing at the Spring Sprints Regatta on Lake Stevens.  The event starts early in the morning (8:30-9:00) and runs all day - rowers will be participating in several events throughout the day, so come out and support the team!!



A. Connor, K. Hartquist


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Register Online for USRowing Membership (required)
Registering online for a USRowing Membership is required to join crew. A $9.95 membership fee is due at registration. If this fee is a financial hardship for your family, assistance is available, please contact your school. Memberships are good for one year.
Parents/Guardians must be present for this process (requires electronic verification that parent/guardian is present).
Go to:
 Choose Individuals / Join
 Complete the information asked for.
o Under Club or Team Name Enter: Northshore School District No. 417
o If you are already in the system your name will come up after clicking Search. You can then skip registration and login and renew.
 Next screen under Membership Type: Basic Membership-Fee (Admin Fee $9.75)
 Tax-deductible charitable donation: choose Not Now
 Click Submit
 Complete remainder of information
 Once completed, you will get to the waiver screen. The “I understand and agree to the terms of this waiver” box must be checked, then click submit. You will receive an email confirmation that the waiver has been signed. Print this confirmation and turn it in with your other crew registration paperwork.
 Continue on to the payment screen
US Rowing – Sign Online Waiver (required)
If you have a current membership but have not signed the waiver, you will need to follow the instructions below.
Visit the member portal at
1. You’ll see two large icons – “Individuals” and “Organizations.” You want to select “Individuals.”
2. Mouse over the “Members” button and click on “Sign Waiver” in the dropdown menu.
3. Enter your Member Number and the password for your account. If you forget either, click on “Forgot My Member Number” or the “Set/Reset Password” link and follow the directions.
4. If asked, answer the four (4) Member Education questions. Don’t worry if you get any wrong. This does not impact whether you successfully sign the waiver or not and is not attached to your member account. It helps USRowing focus on education programs that are needed by the membership.
5. Click the checkbox to confirm you understand and agree to the terms of the waiver. Click the “Submit” button.
6. Next, you may be asked whether you will be participating in National Team Selection process. If not, select “No.” If you do plan on trying out for the National Team, select “Yes,” and watch the 14-minute Anti-Doping Compliance video. Once viewed, click on the three (3) checkboxes and click on the “Submit” button.
7. Complete the process! If you are renewing your membership or joining for the first time, you’ll advance to the payment screen. If you’re membership is active, you’ll advance to your Membership summary with a confirmation that your waiver has been signed. In either case, you’ll receive an email verification.

Print and return the waiver form to Athletic Department.

US Rowing Membership


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