Welcome to the 2022 fall high school girls soccer season!

All communication for the upcoming season will be sent by email from Final Forms, so please make sure students interested in trying out for the team are registered for fall soccer in Final Forms (




You must be registered in Final Forms and all green to be eligible to tryout. So please don’t wait, get registration and all eligibility requirements taken care of early. There are no eligibility exceptions.


Training/Match Schedule

Regular team training will begin the day after tryouts and team selection are complete. This will most likely be Thurs 8/25. We’re tentatively set for the 6:00 to 8:00 training time slot Mon – Fri but there will likely be regular deviations that we’ll communicate to players week to week. We will also have FAST (fitness, agility, strength, technique) training sessions on most Saturdays. So once we start, we’ll go six days a week most weeks through the end of the season.

Matches will begin the first week of Sept. Most of the schedule is complete and posted on That is the best place to go for match schedules for all teams. However, our first match of the season (Varsity - Sept 6 @ Roosevelt) is not up there yet. Matches are generally on Tues and Thurs nights, with one Saturday on the current schedule.


Pre Season Meetings

In addition to email communications over the summer, there will likely be at least one pre-season meeting for students planning to play this fall and parents. So very important that players are registered in Final Forms to receive all information as it comes out.

If you have any questions please contact me at Looking forward to a fantastic fall season.


Go Cougs!




Coaches info for parents

 Team Rules

1.     Adhere to WIAA and Bothell High School academic rules and policies

2.     Violating the Drug and Alcohol Policy will have consequences, the severity of which will be in accordance with the policy

3.     Arriving late and/or missing practice may result in loss of playing time

a.     School work is NOT a legitimate reason to miss practice

b.     Rehab of injuries can be done at practice

c.     Other scenarios will be handled case-by-case by coaching staff

4.     Players late to a bus will not play in the game

5.     Zero tolerance for bullying including cyber-bullying

6.     Practice will start on time and players are expected to communicate to coaching staff and team reasons for late arrival

7.     Practice time is for soccer and focus is expected

8.     Cell Phones should be left in bags except to call parents for rides

Parent Rules

1.     Let the officials do their job KingCo refs are notoriously inconsistent and will drive you crazy. Without officials, we would not be having games. They do not tell players when they make mistakes and we ask that you not tell them when they make mistakes. Coaches will work with referees during matches. Player safety is our #1 concern and we will make sure that players are protected.

2.     We are the only coaches Please do not coach players before, during, or after games. We may be working on certain plays and/or styles of play that might not be apparent from the stands

3.     Be the best/biggest supporter Enjoy watching your daughter and other players play the game. Let your child talk to you about the game

4.     Support all players Let your players vent their frustrations to you, but encourage them to work through those problems and address them with the coach and team. Talking about other players poorly automatically gives your child the right to do the same

5.     Monitor your child’s stress levels and overall health If you feel that your child has too much going on or has an injury that we do not know about, please let the coaching staff know. Health is more important than high school soccer in the grand scheme of things.

6.     Feel free to help the program through this season There are a lot of activities that the team enjoys outside of soccer. Volunteer for hosting pasta feeds, hosting film sessions, setting up senior night or the end of the year banquet.

 Lettering Policy

  • Play in at least 2 regular season varsity games
  • Contribute to the overall success of the varsity team

 Communication with Coaches  
The coaching staff has an Open Door Policy. Any player with concerns needs to be their own advocate. Please work through the following steps as needed

1.     Player meeting with coaches

2.     Player and parent meeting with coaches

3.     Player and parent meeting with coaches and Athletic Director

Practice and Game Schedules
Every player needs 10 practices before they can play in their first game. They need to be able to play in 90% of the practice for it to count.