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2018 Bothell Girls’ Swim and Dive Team

Bothell’s Girls’ Swim and Dive team is a great group of dedicated and hard-working student athletes who work together, have fun, and positively represent our school. Our swim and dive team has a long tradition of working as hard as they can and performing their best. Swimming and diving is an incredible sport that combines both individual strengths with team competition. Each season we have many first time swimmers as well as longtime swimmers competing at the highest possible levels. We are excited that you are interested in our team and hope to have you join us next season.

When we will start:

Our season begins on Monday August 20th, which is when we will have our first practice.  Swim practice will be at Juanita Pool from 5:15 to 6:15 am. Dive practice is also at Juanita Pool, from 2:30 to 4:00 pm. Juanita pool is located at 10601 NE 132nd St., Kirkland, WA 98034.

When we practice:

We will practice Monday through Friday mornings, except on meet days, until the end of the  season. Practices are 5:15 to 6:15 am for swimmers and 2:15 to 4:00 pm for divers.

When we compete:  (This is a draft schedule, but I don’t foresee many changes.) Bold means home meet





September 6th


Redmond Pool


September 13th


Juanita Pool


September 20th

Lake Washington

Juanita Pool


September 26th


Juanita Pool


October 4th

North Creek

Redmond Pool


October 11th


Juanita Pool


October 18th





October 26th and 27th

KingCo Prelims/Finals

Marywayte Pool (Mercer Island)


November 2nd and 3rd

SeaKing Districts

Marywayte Pool (Mercer Island)


November 9th and 10th

WIAA State

King County Aquatic Center (Federal Way)



What you will need to participate:

Swimming is a non-cut sport and one of the best ways to exercise. However, there are a limited number of spots for diving and we may need to make cuts to keep us at that number. As a team, we have a wide array of abilities and work together to develop our skills and strengths. We are so excited to have new members and look forward to including everyone in our fun and exciting team. Swimmers wear their own suits, caps and goggles for practice, and a team suit is available for purchase at the beginning of the season.

***Before our first practice, you need to turn in your athletic paperwork – please keep an eye on Bothell’s athletics website for more information and due dates.

***Diving could potentially be a cut sport this season.

Where to find information about the season:

Our team’s website will have the most up to date information as the season gets closer.

Team Expectations


·      Swimmers are expected to be ready (suit, cap and goggles on) to start practice at 5:15am for practice.

·      Swimmers are expected to treat themselves, teammates, coaches, parents, fans, officials, volunteers and lifeguards with respect.

·      Swimmers are expected to notify the head coach the day before they will miss practice. Either talk to the head coach at a prior practice, email or text through the Remind.

o   Swimmers will get 3 excused absences (illness, family emergencies, religious holidays, family vacation).  Fourth excused absences will result in the swimmer sitting out for one meet. Fifth excused absence-swimmer will be dismissed from the team.

o   Swimmers with get 2 unexcused absences (failure to notify coach about missing practice, over sleeping and family vacations not approved by head coach). The 3rd unexcused absence- swimmer will be dismissed from the team. 

·      Swimmers are expected to notify the coach TWO days prior to meet day if unable to attend swim meet.

·      All swimmers are expected to train hard every day.

·      All swimmers are expected to attend practice the day before a meet.  Otherwise, swimmer will not participate in the meet but be expected to help.

·      Swimmers will respect people’s personal belongings on the pool deck and in the locker room. Absolutely no stealing.

·      Swimmers cannot miss or leave practice/meets early for a non-school athletic activities. (WIAA Rule 18.23.1: Schools may not give students special treatment or privileges on a regular basis to enable them to participate in non-school athletic activities, such as reduced practice times, special workouts, late arrivals, or early dismissals. Regular is defined as being more than once.)

·      Must be cleared by the Athletic Director to participate in practice!!!!

Swim Meets

·      In order to be eligible for the first swim meet, each athlete must attend a minimum of 10 practices, not missing more than 4 days consecutive within the required 10.

·      Swimmers are required to attend practice the day before the meet and not have any excused or unexcused absences the day of the meet.

·      Team members (participating or not) are expected to attend all swim meets unless otherwise approved by the coach.

·      Swimmers are expected to arrive to swim meets in time for warmups.

·      Show good sportsmanship to everyone and have a positive attitude. There will be times you will swim events you don’t want to. A good athlete will go into these “off” events with an open mind and positive attitude!

·      Any student absent from school for half a day (3 hours of class) is not eligible to participate in an athletic activity, practices or meets.

·      Divers who want to swim individual events must attend two morning practices a week.


Post season Meets-There are 3 post season meets. Swimmers that qualify for post season meets are expected to participate in all post season meets. (WIAA Rule 22.2.5- by entering participants in postseason competition, each member school certifies that, barring injury, illness or unforeseen events, the team individuals representing the school will participate in every level of competition through the completion of the state championship event). You’ve put in the hard work…now it’s time to see it all pay off J

Divers- there will be a minimum of 2 district qualifying meets during the season.

·      KingCo League Championships-Swimmers qualify by achieving a time standard. This is a two day event for swimmers (Friday and Saturday) and a 1 day qualifier for divers. Anyone is welcome to watch and support.

·      SeaKing District 2 Meet- This is a 2 day swim and dive event and must have a district qualifying time to attend this meet or be an alternate. Again, come and support your team regardless of qualifications!

·      WIAA State Meet- 3 day swim and dive event, you must have State qualifying time to compete in this event or be an alternate.

*I understand situations come up out of your control. If you are ever concerned about anything please come talk to me. All decisions will be left for the coaches discretion.


·      As a team, we will treat other teams, people and personal belongings with respect. We will show a positive attitude at all meets and practices. Any signs of anger and frustrations such as throwing, hitting, punching, swearing and yelling will result in immediate suspension of a minimum of one day.

·      Further consequences will be decided by the head coach and athletic director.

·      Absolutely no alcohol or use of drugs. Any athlete caught with alcohol or drugs will be immediately suspended. Head Coach and athletic director will decide further consequences.


Practice Schedule

·      Monday through Friday 5:15-6:15am at Juanita Pool.

·      No practice on meet days.

·      Parents can watch in the spectator area in the bleachers.



·      You are a student first and then an athlete.

·      Athletes are required to maintain a passing grade in 5 out of 6 classes.

·      Student-athletes who maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA meet the KingCo scholarship standards. Student-athletes with a 3.5 or higher GPA will be recognized as scholarly athletes at post-season KingCo events.

·      If you are on academic probation you will be expected to do homework/study at the pool during practice time. You can participate in practice once you are released from probation.

·      If you are struggling in one or more classes come talk to me. I am here to help you both in and out of the pool. Your success in school is just as important as your success in the pool. We will work out a plan to help you get where you need to be.



·      There is a zero tolerance policy regarding any form of negative communication, including electronics. The coaches and athletic director will decide consequences and discipline. Depending on severity discipline might not be progressive and could result in removal of the team.

·      If you need to get a hold of me, email me at cmccloskey@nsd.org. I check my email pretty regularly so if anything comes up where you cannot attend a meet or practice, don’t ever hesitate to email me.

·      If it’s an emergency and you need to talk to me, my phone number is (206) 406-1250.

·      Please no text messages unless it is through Remind.

o   To join, download the app (blue with a white patch) text the number 81010 with the message @bhsswiman

Team Banquet

We will have a team banquet to conclude our season to celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes! All swimmers and divers are expected to attend. Family members are all welcome J Tentative Date: Tuesday November 13th.


Parent involvement

Parents help make the world go round! With that said, we do need parent volunteers throughout the season to help during swim meets. We will be in need of a Meet Starter/Referee, Timers, Scorekeepers, Snacks, and Fundraiser Organizer. Everyone who volunteers need to fill out and file a Volunteer waiver sheet with BHS. Any parent who is willing to carpool with swimmers back to BHS after a meet must complete an Authorization form for a Private Automobile.


Plans for inclimate weather

BHS swim and dive team will follow what the district has directed.

·      If school is canceled, practice is canceled.

·      If there is a late start, practice is canceled.

·      If evening activities the previous day are canceled, morning practice is canceled.

·      Lake Washington School District influences our practice. If LWSD is closed or has a late start, practice will be canceled.

·      Please note that if conditions are questionable I will text through remind to inform both parents and students the morning of.

If it is icy, parents should keep their swimmers home rather than risk driving. If you are not going to make practice, please send me a text through Remind or email so I know not to expect you at workout.

If I need to cancel practice at the last minute, I will send out a text through Remind and an email to all swimmers and parents to inform them of the change.



Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns!

Claire McCloskey