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Michael Pizzo, TENNIS:
Topic: Boys Zoom Check In
Time: Sep 30, 2020 12:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

                                Welcome to Bothell Boys Tennis
The coaching staff and players are preparing for the 2020 season with an attitude of determination, perseverance and hard work. We understand as a team that we will face challenges throughout the season, but we will face them together and learn from each challenge. One of our team mantras is, “A setback, is an opportunity for a comeback.”  With this in mind, we are anticipating a great season.

From day one, we will as a team conduct ourselves with class and pride. Our work ethic and commitment to each other will be our mantel.  Trust has been an attribute that we as a team have held to a high standard. We live this out by trusting our training, trusting our teammates and trusting the coaching staff.

As a team we will honor our Core Covenants. These are the foundation of our team.  They include: Teachable Spirit, Selflessness, Integrity, Mental toughness and Commitment. As a coaching staff and team, it is the highest priority to represent Bothell and our community with dignity and respect.

I want to thank all the parents.   Your presence and continued support of our program makes a huge difference.  

The Best Is Ahead,
Coach Pizzo




Mike Pizzo