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Counseling at Bothell

Office hours are Monday through Friday 7:15 am to 3:45pm

Hello BHS Students and Families!

Counselors are available to work with students and families via email, Zoom conferences, phone calls and in person meetings. Students on campus are expected to make in-person appointments. Zoom appointments are reserved for families and students who are not on campus (ie:parent/counselor meetings or running start students who are not at school)

Here are some reasons you might want to schedule an appointment to talk to your school counselor: 

  • Academic Planning 
  • Social and Emotional Support 
  • College and Career Planning 
  • Running Start 
  • Class Schedule or Concern 
  • Academic Support for Students with Medical or Mental Health Concerns 
  • Accessing School and Community Resources 

Students are assigned to a counselor alphabetically by the student's last name. Need to meet with your counselor? Please use the online counseling appointment request button.

Please include your cell phone number in the requested field. That allows the scheduler to send a text reminder of your appointment. You'll also receive an email with the Zoom room information for your counselor.

Counseling Office Team

We look forward to seeing you!

Sincerely, The BHS Counseling Team

Contact the Counseling Office

Erin Person

Erin Person
Office Manager

Lisa Carson
Counselor (A - Dea)


Lisa Eckle

Lindsay Eckle
Counselor (Deb - Hoo)        425-408-7022

Reggie Eckle

Students A-Z

Monday Office Hours

photo of Rob Felton

Rob Felton
Counselor (Me - R)

photo of Danielle Yamada

Danielle Yamada
Counselor (S-Z)

Jim Sanders

Jim Sanders
Counselor (Hop - Mc)

Toby Felton

Students A-Z

Wednesday Office Hours

picture of Heidi Yonago

Heidi Yonago 
School Psychologist

photo of BJ Dawson

BJ Dawson
Career & College Readiness  Counselor

BJ Dawson's

Role at BHS


Lisa Ottinger



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