AP Test Registration and Information


for the 2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR

Instructions for taking ap exam at home

As we draw closer to AP testing in May/June, many students are looking to conduct practice exams online. The understanding is that a LockDown Browser App should be installed in order to take the online practice exams. As of April 9th, this app was pushed out to all NSD student issued Chromebooks. Students that are using a district issued Macbook will not be able to have the app downloaded as the configuration and deployment of this tool is much more complicated. If you are a student who has a district issued Macbook and wants to practice AP test, you can check out a student issued Chromebook. 
If you are using your own technology at home, you can install the LockDown Browser on your computer by going to the following website:
In addition, there are few options that can be explored for exam preparation:
  1. AP Classroom is the best place to access practice exams. This is where teachers access topic questions, personal progress checks, and the question bank.  AP Classroom also provides practice exams for teachers to assign and securely administer to students in print or online, using a free LockDown Browser. Secure AP questions are identified with a blue shield icon. Everything without the blue shield icon can be used without the lockdown browser. 
  2. The course exam page also provides exam preparation material (questions from real exams, scoring guidelines, and sample student responses. To access this go to the AP course index to find the course. Then scroll to “Exam Preparation” to find all practice materials.
  3. The AP Digital Testing App can also be a source of practice. As of yesterday students can download the digital testing app.  All students (regardless of the whether they are taking a digital test or paper/pencil test) can download and access the app. The app includes an opportunity for students to practice taking the exam. The practice material is currently available for some subjects, all subjects will be available by 4/12.
Lastly, the College Board released the Digital Testing App April 8th. The District is reviewing all of the details and requirements for students to test online in May/June. More details will be shared regarding next steps in preparation for a smooth 2021 AP testing season.


AP Testing Schedule - June 2021

All AP Test will take place digitally - there are no "in person" exams 

Exception: Music Theory & German Language - more details will follow for these exams

BHS AP Exam Schedule (Digital Testing)

Week One

Morning (9am)

Afternoon (1pm)

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

 English Literature &   Composition

 Computer Science A


Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021

 United States History


Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

 U.S. Government &   Politics

 World History: Modern


Friday, June 4th, 2021


 Music Theory (Paper only - 12noon)

 Chinese Language &   Culture (computer-based - 12noon)

 German Language &   Culture (Paper only -   12noon)

Week Two

Morning (9am)

Afternoon (1pm)

Monday, June 7th, 2021

 English Language &   Composition

 Computer Science   Principles

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

 Calculus AB

 Calculus BC

 Physics 1: Algebra-Based

Thursday, June 10th, 2021



 Physics 2: Algebra-Based

Friday, June 11th, 2021


 Environmental Science


Digital Testing Requirements for Students

1.    Digital Exams will be full length and test the same knowledge and skills as paper and pencil exams in a format appropriate manner. Students will answer free-response questions with a keyboard, rather than by hand. The digital exam app will include any symbols would need to type their responses. No handwritten or photographed work will be required or accepted.

2.    Each student will need a desktop or laptop computer (Mac, Windows, or Chromebook). The computer must have a built-in or attached camera. Students will need to install the AP Exam application on the computer they’ll use throughout AP testing this year. Once exam setup is completed on a computer, the computer cannot be shared between students. This will not be the same digital testing platform that was used for emergency testing in spring 2020. Students will not need to install the LockDown Browser they may use for secure AP classroom assignments.

3.    Student computers must be fully charged to last through the full length exams and be able to be plugged in during exams if needed.

4.    Students must have a reliable internet connection. The College Board testing application has been designed to be tolerant of disruptions in internet connectivity during exams

5.    Students will need to use their College Board username/password to access digital exams from the College Board. Students taking digital exams will be required to have valid photo identification on exam day.

6.    Digital exams will be accessible to students with disabilities who are approved for testing accommodations. Detailed information about accommodations for digital exams will be available in early March.

7.    At this time, there are no makeup exams for digital exams. Digital exams administered at home will:

  • Not allow students to return to unanswered questions or move back and forth between unanswered questions.
  • Begin at the same time worldwide with synchronous section start times
  • Not include questions that can be answered with internet searches, textbooks, notes, study guides, or similar material
  • Include security features to prevent students from collaborating, accessing unauthorized aids, or attempting to have someone else test for them.
  • Be reviewed with plagiarism detection software and other monitors and post exam analyses for detecting exam violations.

8.      Beginning in April, students and educators will be able to download the exam application and access a digital exam practice resource. This resource allows for:

  • Students to confirm the viability of their computer they plan to use well before test day.
  • Students to experience the exam day flow
  • Students to practice answering exam questions, including free response questions they’ll encounter on exam day.

Overview:The 2021 AP exams will cover the full content in each AP course, so students have the opportunity to receive college credit and placement. Given the uncertainties of the 2020-21 school year, some students may feel unsure about taking AP Exams in May. So that students feel comfortable registering by the fall deadline, this year there will be no fees whatsoever if a student decides not to test or to cancel their exams. Every AP student should keep their options open by registering for the exam on time because there will still be a $40 fee for late orders. The College Board will support in-school testing in 2021 because administering exams in schools maximizes access and opportunity. If safety concerns still prohibit any students from testing at a school, the College Board will provide a contingency testing option that contains full course content. 

Students: Create a College Board Account: Students will need a College Board account to join their AP class section, receive AP assignments from teachers, get feedback on class progress, and register for AP exams (note: parents should not create an account for the student). If you don’t have a student account go to www.collegeboard.org/register.

Already Have a College Board Account? All College Board programs are connected through one account. If an account was created for AP, PSAT/NMSQT or SAT, you just need your username and password to sign in.

Fall 2020 – AP Registration

  1. Registration is a two part Process (Students must complete both parts for each AP exam to be registered)
    • First - Students will need to log in or create a College Board account via myap.collegeboard.org. Students will also need a "join code" given to them by their AP teacher in order to join a class section.
    • Second - students will pay for their AP exam fees via Total Registration https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/480100
  2.  AP Fall Registration Payment Deadline: November 13th, 2020. It is recommended that students use their Northshore email account (@apps.nsd.org) when registering for both Total Registration and the College Board. Failure to use the same NSD email on both sites may cause a student to get the incorrect AP exam.
    • AP exams will cost $104. This must be paid for by November 13th, 2020 to avoid having to pay a late exam order fee ($40).
    • Any students who qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch are eligible for a fee waiver and will not have to pay for an AP exam. 

Late Registration fee mandated by College Board:

Students may register for an AP exam after November 13, 2020 (up until March 12th, 2021) but will pay an additional $40 per exam late order fee.