AP Test Registration and Information



Overview: The 2023 AP exams will cover the full content in each AP course, so students have the opportunity to receive college credit and/or placement. Every AP student should keep their options open by registering for the exam on time because there will still be a $40 fee for late orders. The College Board will support in-school testing in 2023 because administering exams in schools maximizes access and opportunity. If safety concerns still prohibit any students from testing at a school, the College Board will provide a contingency testing option that contains full course content.  

Students - Create a College Board Account: Students will need a College Board account to join their AP class section, receive AP assignments from teachers, get feedback on class progress, and register for AP exams (note: parents should not create an account for the student). If you don’t have a student account go to www.collegeboard.org/register.

Already Have a College Board Account? All College Board programs are connected through one account. If an account was created for AP, PSAT/NMSQT or SAT, you just need your username and password to sign in.

AP Registration

  1. Registration is a two part process (Both parts must be completed for each AP exam to be registered)
  1. AP Registration Payment 
  • It is recommended that students use their Northshore email account (@apps.nsd.org) when registering for both Total Registration and the College Board. Failure to use the same NSD email on both sites may cause a student to not get the correct AP exam.      
  • AP exams will cost $108. This must be paid for by November 15th, 2022 to avoid having to pay a late exam order fee ($40). 
  • Any students who qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch are eligible for a fee waiver and will not have to pay for an AP exam. Students will be asked if they qualify for free or reduced fee lunches on the Total Registration website. The AP Coordinator will approve this once the AP registration is completed.
  1. Late registration fee mandated by College Board:
  • Students may register for an AP exam AFTER November 15th, 2022 and up until March 15th, 2023, but will have to pay an additional $40 per exam late order fee. 
  1. Questions: Contact Juan Price (jprice@nsd.org) for general questions regarding AP Exam Registration. 
2023 Late AP Schedule with Time Changes 

TESTING START TIME(S):                         

  • All tests will start with pre-administration promptly at the appointed hour of 7:30 a.m. (for all morning exams) or 11:30 a.m. (for all afternoon exams) unless otherwise stated on the testing schedule below.  
    • Please plan accordingly, as students will be required to check in with the proctor before being allowed inside the testing area.  Students who arrive after testing starts will not be allowed into the testing site!
  • See AP EXAM SCHEDULE & TESTING LOCATIONS below for specific test start dates and times.
  • Each exam takes approximately 3 1/2 hours for regular administration. Students with approved accommodations may take longer.


  • All LATE AP exams including those with accommodations will be proctored at the Northshore School District Administration Building 3330 Monte Villa Parkway, Bothell WA 98021.  NOTE: All Inglemoor HS students will be taking the Statistics Exam at Inglemoor HS Library.


  • Parents/guardians do not need to contact the Attendance Office to excuse their student for their student’s AP Exam testing date(s).
  • Parents/guardians should only call or email the Attendance Office if they receive a 6PM AutoDialer phone call/email absence notification regarding their testing student’s attendance.

Students will receive an all-day school-related absence on their exam day(s). The Attendance Office has been provided with a list of students to excuse for AP Testing. Students should talk to their teachers regarding the work missed on the day of their exam, and are welcome to attend all classes that are outside of their testing window. If they are unable to return to classes after their exam or do not attend classes prior to their exam, the absence will be marked as school-related. This will allow students the flexibility to prepare and recover from the exam, and attend the classes that cannot be missed. If a teacher requests a student to attend class outside of the testing window, the student should honor that request (this could be due to academic progress). Testing students who do choose to attend classes on their testing day must sign in and out at the Attendance Office.


  1. Arrive on time for testing
    1. Students who are late will not be admitted into the testing area.
    2. At your first AP exam this year, an AP ID Labels will be issued to you at the testing location. Each year students are given an AP Testing ID # and labels to adhere to their exam(s). After you have received your AP ID Labels at your first test, you will be required to bring the AP ID Labels to each subsequent test you take. Do not lose it. You must have the AP Testing ID # labels with you for testing purposes.
  2. You are required to bring photo ID in order to be checked into the testing area.
    1. Students who do not have photo ID at the time of check in will not be allowed into the testing area.
  3. Remain quiet during all times of testing and keep voices low during breaks.


  1. No caps, hats, or hoods may be worn during a test.
  2. No CELL PHONES, Smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), BlackBerry Smartphones, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players, or any other electronic devices.
  3. No portable listening or recording devices.
  4. No headphones, digital cameras, or any other photographic equipment.
  5. No watches that beep or have an alarm.
  6. No books, compasses, mechanical pencils, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, notes, or colored pencils.
  7. No scratch paper.
  8. No computers or calculators (unless otherwise accepted for Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics).
  9. No reference guides, keyboard maps, or other typing instructions.


  1. Two #2 pencils
  2. Two pens (Black or Blue)
  3. A photo identification card (Driver’s License or WHS ASB/ID card)
  4. AP Testing ID Labels (provided at your first test)
  5. Calculator, if needed for specific testing
  6. Physics exam: Ruler or straightedge


Please read the AP bulletin or go to College Board’s student site to determine the type of calculator that may be used (phones of any kind are not allowed in the testing environment and may not be used as a calculator): http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/ap_coordinators/on_exam_day/232033.html

  • Bring extra batteries or an extra calculator, if you desire.
    • Extra calculators or batteries are NOT provided by the testing proctors. 
  • A ruler or straightedge is required for the Physics test.
    • Rulers/Straightedges are not provided by the test site or proctors.



Chemistry Wednesday 5/17 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Computer Science A Wednesday 5/17 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Physics C E&M Wednesday 5/17 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Psychology Wednesday 5/17 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Statistics Wednesday 5/17 7:30AM


  • All Ingelmoor Students at IHS Library Only
  • All other students at NSD Admin Office
United States History Wednesday 5/17 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Computer Science Principles Wednesday 5/17 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
English Literature Wednesday 5/17 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
Environmental Science Wednesday 5/17 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
Macroeconomics Wednesday 5/17 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
English Language Thursday 5/18 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
German Language Thursday 5/18 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Human Geography Thursday 5/18 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Physics 1 Thursday 5/18 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Biology Thursday 5/18 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
French Language Thursday 5/18 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
Calculus AB/BC Friday 5/19 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Microeconomics Friday 5/19 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Physics 2 Friday 5/19 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
Spanish Language Friday 5/19 7:30AM NSD Admin Office
European History Friday 5/19 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
Music Theory Friday 5/19 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
Physics C Mechanics Friday 5/19 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
US Gov Politics  Friday 5/19 11:30AM NSD Admin Office
World History Friday 5/19 11:30AM NSD Admin Office


AP Class Join Code


Join Code

AP Biology

Guard 5th Period - M4QARR
Guard 7th Period - VJWN7X

AP Calculus AB

Kimbrough 3rd Period - 3LEMYJ
Kimbrough 5th Period - 2V9AR4

AP Calculus BC 

Kimbrough 6th Period - LVZJWE

AP Chemistry

Guard 1st Period - 4MY33W
Guard 3rdPeriod - 4ZYWDG

AP Computer Science A 

Reiber 2nd Period - LZMDGE

AP Computer Science Principles

Reiber 4th Period - WLNQL4
Reiber 5th Period - 2QQXYZ

AP English Language & Composition

Kinder 1st Period - 4RW3XA
Kinder 4th Period - VYWDEQ
Kinder 5th Period - R792WJ

AP English Literature & Composition

Birch 2nd Period - J4RRRZ
Birch 4th Period - WRN9VY

AP German Language & Culture

Fisher 6th Period - DMWNQ4

AP Music Theory

Gaudet 4th Period - WP3RLV

AP Physics 1: Algebra Based

Doran 1st Period - MPEZP2
Doran 3rd Period - D7726D
Doran 4th Period - 2QEV33

AP Physics 2: Algebra Based

Asmann 2nd Period - GLPGP2

AP Psychology

Rediske 4th Period - 7YJ42J
Rediske 5th Period - 4NJ7RW
Rediske 6th Period - 9J36WL
Rediske 7th Period - W3L7NW

AP Statistics

Isaman 1st Period - RNPR6J
Isaman 5th Period - 739L4G

AP U.S. Government & Politics

Holmes 1st Period - 6A2W4L
Holmes 2nd Period - E6PVP7
Holmes 3rd Period - VPQRPD

AP U.S. History 

Messner 1st Period - V7J7NJ
Messner 2nd Period - RA6ZQM
Messner 3rd Period - GGX76M
Messner 5th Period - E4AVN7

AP World History

Matthews 1st Period - PGQLYG
Matthews 3rd Period - EGVN4E
Matthews 4th Period - 2E72MW
Matthews 6th Period - MRJV6P
Matthews 7th Period - 794GAW