BHS Credit Options

Bothell High School is committed to supporting all students on their path to graduation and a high school diploma.  Occasionally a student will struggle in a class.  Below are options for students to make up a missing credit.

State Testing Credit Retrieval: If the student has passed the required state testing (currently the Smarter Balanced Assessment), they may retrieve .5 credit for a failed corresponding subject area.   Passing the SBAC English Language Assessment: it is possible to retrieve .5 credit in English 9-11. Passing the SBAC Math Assessment: it is possible to retrieve .5 credit in Algebra, Geometry, or Algebra 2. Passing the Biology End of Course Exam (Classes of 2018 & 2019 only): it is possible to retrieve .5 Biology credit.  Please notify your counselor if you think you may qualify for this credit.  The counselor will evaluate whether you do qualify as restrictions apply.  

Bothell High School's After School APEX program:  This is a free online program allowing the student to earn credit for a course they have failed in the past.  Classes are offered quarterly (4X per school year), are 9 weeks in length, occur after 6th period, and meet from 2:30-3:50pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Email your counselor with student name needing to take an APEX course and they will be invited to take the next after school session.  Classes offered through APEX:  Social Studies, science, Health, English, and math. 

Bothell High School's Online Health program:  This course is for students who have never taken a health class, but want to take it outside of the normal school schedule.  Students complete health online in a self-paced environment over five to six weeks. There is a fee for this class, but financial assistance is available for students who qualify for free/reduced meals.  Online health is typically offered twice during the school year at BHS, once in the fall and once in the spring. The class is announced in the BHS daily bulletin.  Students then work with the Counseling Office Manager to complete required enrollment paperwork during the academic year.

Secondary Summer Academy:  Classes usually occur late June through late August.  (This program can be used for both credit retrieval and first time enrollment, depending upon the course offered.)  Course offerings vary from summer to summer, but typically math, science, social studies, English, and Health and Fitness are offered every year.  There is a fee associated with these classes but financial assistance is available for students who qualify for free/reduced meals. Summer Academy. information is posted online in the spring.  Families may also email for information to

WaNIC Summer Skills Academy:  These half-credit experiential learning classes are housed on multiple high school campuses on the Eastside.  There is a $50 materials fee for each class. Financial assistance may be available for students who qualify for free/reduced meals.  (Program offerings subject to change or cancellation.)  Information about this summer program is typically announced via the BHS daily bulletin and student email ( in March.  Students are directed to the WANIC. website to register.  Information about the program is also posted at in March. Students primarily earn Career and Technical Education credit, but some courses do offer other types of credit, such as health, math, lab science, and the arts.

World Language Competency Test:  NSD students can earn up to 4 high school credits in a World Language by successfully passing a World Language Competency Test. and demonstrating proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Running Start:   Students enroll in and attend classes at a local community or technical college.  Students must be able to manage a fast-paced college environment and pass a placement test to qualify. While this is not a “credit recovery program”, students can earn credits at an accelerated rate (9 credits per year for full time enrollment).  Tuition is paid for by NSD; books and associated class fees are the responsibility of the family.  Credits can be earned in:  English, Social Studies, Health and Fitness, The Arts, Math, Science, and Career & Technical Education. Visit the Running Start. section of the BHS Counseling website for steps to apply.

Outside Credits:   Northshore School District accepts up to 3.5 credits from some accredited outside educational programs.  Approved outside providers can be viewed at OSPI's Approved Online Course Providers. website.  (To preserve the integrity of the Northshore comprehensive high school diploma, 85% of the required credits for graduation shall be earned through the student’s comprehensive high school course offerings. No more than 50% of the graduation requirements in any discipline may be obtained from approved accredited sources outside the Northshore School District. Students who earn more than 15% of the total required credits or more than 50% of the required credits in any discipline from outside sources, and who complete all district requirements for graduation, shall receive a generic Northshore School District diploma.)

Work Study:  Students in 10th, 11th, and 12th may earn .5 flexible credit per semester in the work study program (maximum 1 credit per school year) by completing 180 hours of work in legal employment.    Students must be taking a minimum of 5 other classes per semester to be eligible for this program.  The work study experience will generally be done outside of school hours, but the student may be given an early dismissal.  A work study application is required and is available in the Counseling Center.  An employer's evaluation report of the student's work record, indicating satisfactory progress on the job, shall be filed with the school at the end of the semester.  

BHS Counseling Staff

Kelly Duhamel
Office Manager 

Lisa Carson: A – E 

Colin Eggers: F – K

Rob Felton: L – Q 

Danielle Yamada: R – Z 

BJ Dawson: Career Counselor