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Schedule Change Policy

Bothell High School’s academic schedule is based upon student course requests from the previous spring. Courses that are offered and staffing for the following year are based on choices students make during the registration process. It is critical that the choices made by students during registration are considered to be final. Therefore, schedule changes are permitted for the following reasons:

·       Missing Graduation requirement
·       Missing core academic requirements (such as no English)
·       Duplicate classes (such as 2 PE classes in same semester)
·       Running Start, WANIC or Satellite conflicts
·       Obvious error (such as Junior in English 10)
·       IEP or ELL placement issues
·       Medical conflict (such as broken leg in PE)
·       Needing college prep class to meet college entrance requirements
·       Incorrect placement in class as determined by instructor
·       Open (unscheduled) period
·       Balancing class sizes (under-enrolled classes can be filled)
·       Dropping a class for late arrival or early dismissal if credits allow
·       Dropping a class to become a teacher’s assistant for elective credit (11th or 12th where credits allow)

Semester course changes may be allowed within the first 10 days without penalty. After the tenth (10th) day, courses dropped will receive an ‘NC’ grade on student transcript. Any schedule change that does not meet these criteria is subject to administrative approval.