NCAA/NAIA Eligibility

What to play college sports? Creating an account with the NCAA and or PLAYNAIA Eligibility Center is the first step to becoming a collegiate student-athlete. 

For students pursuing NCAA Eligibility, we will automatically send your transcript to the NCAA once you are registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center. No additional request is needed. For students pursuing NAIA Eligibility, please notify B.J. Dawson at when you are registered with the PLAYNAIA Eligibility Center and he will send your transcript.

NCAA Eligibility Center

NCAA Eligibility Center Screencast

PLAYNAIA Eligibility Center

NCAA Initial Eligibility Presentation

NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete

NCAA Eligibility Center COVID-19 Response FAQs

NCAA Initial Eligibility one-page flyer

NCAA Division 1 and 2 Core Course Planning Worksheets

NCAA Eligibility FAQ's

Bothell HS's list of NCAA Approved Courses (use 480100 as the school code)


NCAA Eligibility Center Screencast