Running Start

  • Each college sets their own deadlines to apply for running start.  Please review college deadlines.  Here are the links to the colleges that most BHS students attend:

    Once you know the deadline to apply, these are the typical  STEPS TO APPLY:

    1. Attend the running start information session the community college provides (optional)
    2. Place into college-level English (101) by taking the college's placement test, OR, use your Level 3 or 4 SBAC English Language state test scores to fulfill this requirement.
    3. Apply online for general admission to the community college through their website.
    4. Now that you've applied to the college, apply to the Running Start Office by submitting the running start contract/required paperwork to the community college's Running Start office. 
    5. Once accepted to the Running Start Program, and you've been notified what date you can register for your college classes, attend a designated drop in session (with BHS counselors) or make an appointment with your BHS Counselor and together you will complete the Running Start Verification Form that is required by the college to register for classes.   Again, attendance at a designated drop in advising time OR a counselor appointment is required to complete this form. Note:  You cannot complete this form until you are able to view the college's schedule of classes for the quarter you plan to attend.  


    How Do I Know What Classes at the College Count for at BHS?  Northshore School District has developed a document that outlines equivalences.  This chart explains what college classes count for BHS core academic classes.

    Frequently Asked Questions/Things to Know about Running Start.  Check this out!  It's good info and will answer many questions.

    Tuition funding for Running Start classes is based upon the following BHS class to college class ratio: