SAT & ACT Information

Last spring, Bothell High School offered the SAT exam for a limited number of students. This was the first year NSD participated in the SAT School day. The Career and College Readiness department will continue to work with all our high schools to offer SAT School day on multiple test dates next Fall and Spring (tentative dates are set for October, March and April). In addition, we will be looking to offer ACT in school day exams as well.
The College Board SAT School Day is a newly implemented initiative designed to make it easier (and more equitable) for students to take an official SAT. Instead of driving to a testing location on a Saturday morning to take the exam, students whose schools participate in SAT School Day will get to take the SAT at their own school during a time when they’d normally be in class. 
BHS SAT FALL TEST DAY - October 26, 2023

The exam will start in the AM and will last approximately 3 1/2 hours.

  •  Students register for the SAT School Day exam by going to Here, students will:
    • Select Bothell High School
    • Register, and pay for the exam
    • Details of the registration, fee, cancellation policy, are listed on the RegiSmart website
  • Students do not need to register for SAT School Day exam on the College Board website. However, if a student wants to take the SAT exam on a different date & location throughout the year (not hosted by BHS,) they must register for that exam on the College Board SAT website.
Choosing To Test

With quarantine and the move to online learning in 2020, and the cancellation of standardized tests, many colleges and universities rethought admissions criteria. As of Spring 2022, all of Washington's public universities are at least test optional - meaning SAT or ACT scores are not required for admission - and Washington's private, not for profit colleges are as well. Below is a video that discusses how to decide to test and which test to take.

For more detailed information about applications being test optional, please see Test Optional Information from Washington Student Achievement Council. 

For a list of out of state colleges/universities that are test optional please visit

If you do decide to take the SAT or ACT, Bothell's CEEB Code is 480100. You will need this number when registering for either test.