BHS Science Olympiad Washington State Champions!

The competition included the top schools from across country, fielding nearly a thousand competitors in the high school division. Our Cougs placed top 20 in ten events, and were called up to the podium twice!

BHS science olympiad team

Top 20: 

Anatomy (5th): Phedora Layanto & Elena Baraznenok

Mission Possible (5th): Rohan Skariah & Aidan Gray


Mousetrap car (9th): Kylie Neal & Taylor MacMahon

Sounds of Music (14th): Aidan Gray & Rohan Skariah

Experimental Design (16th): Liza Yusem, Diandra Sabale, Sanjana Chava

Designer Genes (17th): Phedora Layanto & Hannah Bauer

Geo Mapping (17th): Diandre Sabale & Lara Yusem

Chem Lab (19th): Liza Yusem & Rohan Skariah

Forensics (20th): Rohan Skariah & Aidan Gray

Water Quality (20th): Diandre Sabale & Raveena Nair

BHS Science Olympiad 2019