Academic Resources

We’re getting there, but things are still not quite back to normal. We understand there’s a demand for added academic resources whether for students who are at home quarantining, or those who just need some extra support in classes.

We’ve compiled a list of the resources BHS has to offer in order to provide support outside of normal class time. Please feel free to take advantage of anything that will advance the success of your student.

  • NEW: Math help - mornings starting at 7:30 - Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. See your math teacher for more info.

  • Chemistry and Physics - Tuesdays after school. Physics is in Room 312 and chemistry in Room 309.

  • General Tutoring - Wednesdays after school (@ 1:50 pm), Counseling Office. No need to make an appointment, just drop-in! 

  • Quarantine Learning Support - Click HERE. Students can sign-up for Zoom time slots with NSD teachers to get help in various subjects. Just sign up for a zoom appointment and receive one-on-one help.

  • Free, on demand, afternoon and late-night tutoring through King County Library System - click HERE. Real-time academic tutoring is available between 2pm and midnight. Students can also prepare for the SAT, ACT, AP Exams, or even submit essays for review.

  • Your teachers are a great resource! Ask them about before- or after-school help. Many teachers will make time to support their learners because they want to give you the best chance at success!

IF YOU'RE STAYING AFTER SCHOOL AND NEED TO USE THE ACTIVITY BUS, VISIT THE MAIN OFFICE FOR A PASS. It loads at 4:15 and leaves shortly after. It doesn't run on Wednesdays!



Academics During Quarantine: Advice from a Counselor

Not going to lie to you, this is going to be hard. A lot of expectations are going to fall on your shoulders.

You CAN do this. Here are some suggestions to help you through your quarantine.

Keep the same schedule - This can be hard if you’re struggling to find assignments to work on. This will, however, help to maintain a little bit of normalcy for the limited time that you’re not at school. And hopefully by day 3, you’re finding assignments for each class on a regular basis and you can work on them when your class would normally be meeting.

Check Schoology Every Day -  Have a routine for this. Perhaps the start of each “period” you go to that class’s Schoology folders and you find work for that day. Or perhaps you look at all at the end of the school day to prepare a work plan for the next day. Whatever works, just check Schoology every day.

If you’re having difficulty accessing Schoology or other district technology, the District Tech Help Line is 425-408-7631.

Email each teacher on a regular basisFor the classes that you’re finding work for every day, you may need only email that teacher twice per week. For this situation, you will probably want to include in the email:

·      A quick hello and let them know how you’re doing overall

·      A description of the assignment(s) you turned in since your last email

·      A description of the assignment(s) you’re currently working on

·      Questions you have about how to complete any assignments you’re unsure of

For the classes where you find most of the work but one day you can’t find anything, you will want to email you teacher that day and you will want your email to include:

·      A quick hello and let them know how you’re doing overall

·      Request confirmation that there was no work assigned that day

·      If work was assigned, ask how to find it

For the classes where you can’t seem to find any work at all, you will want your email to include:

·      A quick hello and let them know how you’re doing overall

·      A description of specifically where you have looked for assignments but been unsuccessful at finding anything

·      Request help in finding the work that you’re missing but want to complete

Please keep in mind that teachers are allowed 48 hours (2 days) to reply, so you might not get an answer right away. If you have a teacher that does not reply in two days, please contact your assistant principal to help nudge that reply along.

            Last name:

                        A-G      Ms. Grimes-Edwards     425-408-7025   

                        H-N     Mr. Brown                         425-408-7024   

                        O-Z      Mr. Leick                           425-408-7035   

If you don’t understand how to complete an assignmentEmail the teacher and ask for clarification or ask if you can meet over Zoom before/after school on a particular day

Access the District tutoring support - Information can be found at:

Teachers are available extensively from 8:00 – 9:00am and 2:00 – 7:00pm, and a little bit from 11:00am – 12:00pm. These are Northshore teachers familiar with Northshore processes and curriculum.

Access KCLS tutoring at 

All BHS students have access to a KCLS library card and can use this service. Card number:  417+student ID number;  PIN:  last 4 digits of student ID number.

Maintain a communications log - We are asking you to keep track of a lot of people and pieces and assignments. Keep track of who you talk to and when. This document can help with keeping track.

Use a calendar to track assignmentsYou will want to note the day it was assigned (in case you need to find it again) and the date it is due. You will also want to mark it/check it off once it has been turned in. This is an example of a calendar you could use.

Once you return to school, you will want to check in with your teachers 

For classes where you have a lot of missing assignments from your quarantine (or before), you will want to meet with your teacher in person either during Paws time or before/after school.  You want to talk about the missing assignments (how to find them, then how to complete them) for that class and put together a plan to turn them in over a couple of weeks. This/these classes are your top priority for teacher meetings.

For classes where you have only a couple of missing assignments, you still want to meet with your teacher in person. Make sure the teacher shows you where the assignments are and that you know how to complete them. Also, confirm that they have received all of the other assignments you turned in.

For classes where you have turned everything in, you can probably complete this step by email. Email each teacher a list of what you turned in, and ask them to confirm that they received all the work.