Student Parking

Space is Limited! 
Student parking is a privilege. Parking is for juniors and seniors and those taking part in Satellite/WaNIC, Running Start or 0 period classes. Dependent on space availability, parking MAY be available for sophomore drivers. Parking stickers are NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

Students requesting to park their cars on school grounds will:
1. Complete the BHS Vehicle Registration & Campus Parking Guidelines
2. Provide a valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance
3. Register each vehicle prior to parking on campus
4. Position stickers so the number is clearly visible
5. Pay all fines in full at the time that a parking pass is requested

By registering to park at Bothell students’ cars may be subjected to search if there is suspicion of contraband items. If evidence of a violation of district rules is suspected and the student refuses to cooperate in a personal search, the student should be held until his/her parent or guardian is available to consent to the search.

BHS will not be responsible for vandalism to vehicles on campus or to vehicles that are hit due to negligence. On campus drivers must be in complete compliance with Washington State laws. Drivers who have had their intermediate license less than six months cannot drive with other students in their vehicles.

  • Students without parking authorization will not be allowed to park on campus.
  • Students who illegally park on campus may lose their parking privileges for the following year(s).
  • Careless driving and/or violating basic driving laws on campus or in adjacent neighborhood areas may result In disciplinary action and the loss of campus parking privileges.
  • Leaving campus during any time other than lunch will result in a fine and loss of parking privileges.
  • Students may not park in designated Staff or Visitor spaces at any time; violators will be ticketed.
  • Parking is not allowed in the church parking lot without a church authorization form. Violators will be subject to the parking penalties (see below).

Students who do not abide by the signed “Student Vehicle Registration and Campus Parking Guidelines” will be subject to the following penalties:


  • 1st violation: $10.00 parking fine
  • 2nd violation: $20.00 parking fine
  • 3rd violation: $30.00 parking fine and the possibility of having your registration revoked and/or car impounded at owners expense


  • 1st violation: $25.00 parking fine
  • 2nd violation: $30.00 parking fine + meeting with the Asst. Principal and parent
  • 3rd violation: $35.00 parking fine + vehicle impounded at owner's expense

To appeal the citation and fine, a written appeal must be provided to Campus Supervisor within 48 hours of the date of the citation.
If you have questions regarding parking, please contact Wendy Wands at or by phone at 425-408-7061.

2021-2022 Parking Registration

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Campus Supervisor

Wendy Wands