Michael Baum

Hello! I'm excited to begin my third year here in the Northshore School District after a decade's start to my career in the frozen north--i.e., Alaska. I'm thrilled to work in such a quality district and aspire to be worthy of the privilege.

Please be patient as I work on updating this page. In the future, I plan to add resources useful for my World History classes.

I also advise the BHS Speech & Debate Team, newly revived at BHS in the 2018-2019 school year. An official academic competition under the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association), we meet at 3:00 Mondays and Thursdays in preparation for monthly tournaments and other contests for fun, friends, skills-building, and in some cases potential scholarships money. Much like track and field, a diverse set of competitive events is open to try out--from debate, to speech, to acting. If you love to talk... or argue... if you're shy but wish you weren't... if you consider yourself curious about the world or just high-energy-wacky and up for a healthy challenge... come on down to a meeting! We'd love to welcome you to the family.